skelton of the knee

5 Tips To Combat Knee Pain

Did you know that repetitive motions can stress your knee overtime? In addition, subjecting your knee to one-time acute injury can also negatively affect your knee. Knee pains can cause serious distress. Common Causes Knee pains don’t only torment the elderly and those involved in heavy sports. They can torment anyone of any age. There … Continued

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woman holding sore neck with two hands

Top 10 Causes of Neck Pain

Just about everyone has suffered from neck pain at one point or another in their lives. Luckily for most people, the pain is intermittent and isn’t chronic or constant. But for some people, neck pain can be a part of everyday life. It’s important to realize that the muscles of the neck are connected to … Continued

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woman exercising her core

Improving Core Strength

Body Core Strength and Chiropractic The core of your body is one of the most important areas of your body to keep strong and in shape.  If you think about it, every movement you make is somehow related back to your core.  Play sports, doing housework, dancing, you name it, a strong core makes everything … Continued

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woman with anterior head carriage

Anterior Head Carriage

Anterior head carriage, aka “forward head posture” or FHP, is a condition that many people suffer from.  For some people, there are no symptoms to indicate that their posture is less than perfect, however, in others, many other symptoms will present themselves as a result.  Let’s take a closer look at the condition and what … Continued

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