Employment Opportunities

Administrative Staff

No positions available at this time.

Career opportunities

FT RMT Position available – starting March 1/2021

Learning Opportunities/ Formal Preceptorships & Mentorships

Dr Beverley Steinhoff is an Adjunct Professor at Western States Chiropractic College and New York Chiropractic College and works with students year round to ensure that new Chiropractors get community based patient centered care. Dr Steinhoff is a also Mentor for the British Columbia Chiropractic Association to ensure that Chiropractors can have a Mentor in their chosen field. The clinic offers exposure to patient care, management systems, interdisciplinary collaborative care systems, female based care and entrepreneurship.

Dr Beverley Steinhoff is open to all educational opportunities for students and Chiropractors to learn from her, but also values the new ideas and collaborative protocols from new grads from Canada and International students!

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